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The Body Was Stolen (Part 1)

One of the most common objections I’ve come across when dealing with people’s thought on the resurrection is that the disciples stole Jesus’ body from the tomb and moved it somewhere else. It makes sense right? No body, Jesus must have risen. Sounds like a total miracle, great story to start a new religion on.

False. There are many holes in this theory. Where to start?

1- The disciples all believed that Jesus had in fact died forever. They didn’t think that He was going to physically rise from the dead. If we’re going to get real here, they were scared out of their pants. They thought they had spent all this time following a fraud and since he got crucified it was likely that their lives were in jeopardy too.

       Why go around telling people that Jesus rose from the dead when they should be keeping a low profile? Telling people that Jesus’ body was no longer in the tomb and that he rose from the dead was definitely not the way to do that.

2. Let’s check out the Romans. Most of us have learned about Roman soldiers/guards at some point in elementary school or middle school. If you didn’t, Netflix has tons of movies you can check out. Gladiator anyone?   Point being, the character and discipline of the Romans was top notch. It would be extremely difficult to sneak past the guards. These men didn’t just nap on the job. Not to mention the fact that a huge rock wouldn’t have been easy to move with the guards not noticing.

But lets go out on a limb here and say that somehow the disciples were able to do just that. They sneaked past these extremely well-trained Roman guards, then they move this heavy rock (again unnoticed), grab the body, sneak past the guards again this time carrying the dead body of a grown man…. then what?

Then these women go back and pretend like they discovered the tomb empty and make these outrageous claims that Jesus somehow rose from the dead and was walking around again…. then what?

Oh then the Roman guards sit back and do nothing to prove the disciples wrong of course. 

   Wait. That does not sound right at all. Why would the Romans let the disciples make these claims and not search for the body? It isn’t like people rising from the dead happened all the time. It wasn’t just something they would brush off. The humiliation alone would have been enough for them to do everything they could to prove the disciples wrong.

Does it seem logical to believe that the disciples were able to do all of this and the Romans would do nothing to get to the bottom of it?

3-If the Romans couldn’t be bothered with taking the time to find the body, the Jews certainly would have had a great stake in blowing the roof off this resurrection claim.

Take some time to think about why the Jewish leaders would have wanted to prove the disciples wrong. Message me what you come up with. I have an essay for Ethics to go finish but I’ll post more about this tomorrow.